Thursday, 4 September 2008

Crockpot Refried Beans

This is a very easy and low fat method of making refried beans. The beans can be eaten in many ways including taquitos, layered dip, or with tortillas and tacos. I like them for lunch as a dip for cut up raw vegetables. My family in Mexico use peruano beans for this recipe. They are exceptionally tender and delicious. I have never found them in Canada, but we buy several packages at Krogers if we cross the border into Michigan. Pinto beans can also be used.

I use my small 2 quart crockpot and add

1 lb washed and sorted beans. This fills the pot half way.
1/2 tin (2 oz) jalapeno peppers, nacho size
1 tsp of salt or to taste
1 chopped onion (optional)

Add water to the top of the pot and cook on high or low until beans are tender. Add more water if necessary It takes about 4 hours on high in my pot. The beans do not need to be soaked before cooking.

Mash the beans or pulse them in a blender or food processor. Freeze any beans you will not use in the next 2-3 days.

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