Friday, 5 September 2008

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Daughter #1 introduced us to a small Thai restaurant on Yonge St in Toronto across from Ryerson College. Salad King is always crowded and the food is superb. You can order your food with a hotness (chili) rating of 1 to 20. We settle for a "5" and this is fairly spicy.

I have come to love fresh rolls. Various ingredients are wrapped in rice paper (available at our larger supermarkets) and the rolls are served with a vinegar sauce. They can be filled with combinations of rice vermicelli, shrimp, tofu, basil or mint leaves, sprouts and are not fried. The rolls at Salad King are filled with pickled carrot, mango and cucumber sticks.

Three or four of these make a very satisfying lunch for work. Mine do not look as perfect as the picture above of the ones we bought, but I am getting better at rolling them. I find grated carrot easier to manage than carrot sticks. Choose a firm, ripening mango and slice it in thin sticks. Slice the cucumber the same way.

Here are two YouTube links to demonstrate how to roll rice paper and how to make dipping sauce.

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